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SEL is geared towards growing in the Energy sector and aims to achieve 200 MW of generating capacity by the year 2009. SEL will develop a strong reputation for quality of work and a healthy respect for sustaining the environment. SEL is committed to its mission of clean energy and would look to develop innovative ways to achieve the same.

Immediate objectives of the company are to complete its flagship plant based on non conventional (agricultural waste) fuel. The successful completion and operation of the flagship plant would signal the second phase for larger conventional power plant.


SEL philosophy is to leverage the current environment resources to provide clean energy to the various communities and in the process sustain the environment through efficient management of resources, technology and human capital


The Power industry provides one of the basic necessities for the growth of the global society and economy.  As global economies are growing and the demand for power is constantly increasing, the power industry is facing increasing pressure to generate more power with limited supply of conventional fuels. The current shortfall in fossil fuels and the record prices are further increasing the pressure on Governments to adopt cleaner technologies to generate power. Hence, the non conventional power industry has seen a steady growth in the last five years.

The conventional power generation systems are also enjoying significant growth as the non conventional opportunities are limited. The power demand is constantly on the rise and provides for a good prospect for the growth of this sector.


SEL does not foresee any problems in dealing with its key supplier, i.e. TMC China and CPO mill owners. SEL will move to sign long term contracts with the CPO mill owners in order to create a win – win situation and ensure that there is no shortage or fuel supply.


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