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SEL has a generating capacity of 9.50 Megawatts.
SEL will use 1.00 Megawatts internally.
SEL will supply the net capacity of 8.50 Megawatts to the Grid.
SEL will source the fuel from the surrounding CPO (Crude Palm Oil) Mills. The fuel will be processed in        house in order to achieve the desired quality and maintain the standards.
SEL will do its own operations and maintenance (O&M) of the plant with its internally developed        professional team

SEL has received Board of Investment (BOI) certification
SEL has signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Electricity Generating. Authority of Thailand        (EGAT) to supply electricity to the Grid.
SEL has received and will strive to receive all Governmental approvals for the properand smooth        functioning of the plant
SEL will undertake various initiatives to ensure that the surrounding communities an the environment are        protected. This would ensure that the community at large can enjoy the benefits of clean energy.

SEL is managed by a team of professionals who have extensive experience in the operation of Power        Plant Equipments. The management team has a good blend of youth and wisdom to provide a dynamic        leadership in management of the company.
SEL management team is dedicated to developing the required human resource  capabilities in house to        provide a high level of quality in terms of operation and management of its plant.
SEL actively seeks talented and motivated individuals to be part of the team and give them the        responsibility to perform and achieve the objectives and targets of the organization.

SEL will maintain a steady inventory of all critical spare parts
SEL will maintain an inventory of 15 days of Raw Material to ensure the smooth  functioning of the power        plant.


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